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With years of insurance and financial management experience, TCIP is your #1 resource for quality service. As an Insurance Broker, Tim Croteau specializes in providing in depth, 1-on-1 consultations to match you with the perfect insurance provider. Because we are not committed to any one brand or policy type, we are able to hand pick which service suits each client best. Not sure where to go from here? Get your Free Quote today!

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Tim amazes me with his high integrity to do what is right for his clients. He is patient, informative, and has a great sense of humor. I recommend Tim to anyone who wants an honest, straight-up guy, or has stopped believing that there are any trustworthy people out there.
Chris Miles, Money Ripples
Like so many at this time, after retiring, we were concerned about medical insurance. We were apprehensive of what looking and applying for affordable health care might consist of. We called Tim Croteau and asked him some questions. He advised us what to look for and helped us register and enroll. With his assistance it didn’t take very long, went so smooth, and he made it seem so simple. We were so excited to find an affordable health plan that seems to work for us. Thank you!
Eric & Colene Brinkerhoff
Tim is always focused on helping his clients through the confusion of insurance and always doing what is in their best interest. Most importantly, Tim is always there to help his clients down the road when they have a claim or need help. I admire his integrity, personability and sincere concern for the well-being of those he works with. An all-around top notch guy!
Colt Henderson, Insurance Agency Owner and Manager
Tim is professional, attentive to clients and provides excellent customer service. I would consider him an “educator” rather that a “salesman” because is always has the clients best interest at heart and ensures they fully understand their policies and risks.
Mark Flanegan, Medley Communications

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